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Biography of LUNA

Luna, born Aleksandra Katarzyna Wielgomas, is a Polish singer and songwriter set to represent Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with her song "The Tower". Born on August 28, 1999, in Warsaw, Luna's musical journey began with violin lessons at the Tadeusz Baird National Music School in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. She later joined the Artos Children's Choir at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, where she honed her singing skills.

In 2018, Luna embarked on her music career, collaborating with the Kayax label for her debut single "Na wzgórzach niepokoju" .  Her subsequent releases, including "Zastyga" and "Zgaś", garnered acclaim and radio play in Poland. Luna's music is characterized by its emotionally charged, mysterious sound, often described as "cosmic pop".

Apart from her music, Luna is known for her diverse interests, including astrology, philosophy, art, ecology, and fashion. She draws inspiration from nature and cites Nick Cave and Björk as her biggest influences. Luna's stage name, derived from the Latin word for "moon", reflects the profound influence the moon has on her life and creativity.

With her unique blend of mystical allure and emotional depth, Luna brings a distinct artistic vision to the Eurovision stage, promising an enchanting performance with "The Tower".

Poland's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest is a pop song performed by Luna, filled with themes of ambition, reaching for the stars, and chasing dreams. Titled "The Tower," the song's lyrics speak of constructing metaphorical towers to touch the moon and pursuing rainbows, all while embodying a sense of empowerment and positivity.

Luna's captivating stage presence and unique visual style add an extra layer of artistry to her performance, elevating the overall experience for viewers. While some may find the melody somewhat lacking in depth, the song's beautiful message of striving for greatness resonates strongly.

The Song

Song: The Tower
Writer(s):  Fyfe, Luna & Max Cooke
Composer(s):  Fyfe, Luna & Max Cooke
Broadcaster: TVP

It's refreshing to see Poland deliver a song that inspires and uplifts, offering a welcome break from the usual Eurovision fare. With Luna's magnetic energy and empowering anthem, Poland is sure to make a memorable impression on the Eurovision stage once again.

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