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Biography of Gåte

Gåte meaning 'riddle' in Norwegian, is a band hailing from Trøndelag, Norway. Their music blends Norwegian folk melodies with elements of metal and electronica, resulting in a unique style often described as progressive folk-rock. Formed in 2000 by Sveinung Sundli (violin, keyboards), the band originally comprised his younger sister Gunnhild Sundli (vocals), Gjermund Landrø (bass, backing vocals), Martin Langlie (drums), and Magnus Robot Børmark (guitar, keyboards). In 2004, Kenneth Kapstad replaced Langlie on drums.

The band quickly rose to fame after releasing their debut EP, "Gåte EP," in 2000, followed by a self-titled EP in 2002. Their breakthrough album, "Jygri," released the same year, propelled them to commercial success in Norway and beyond, particularly in Scandinavia and Germany. Despite media speculation about Gunnhild Sundli's departure for a solo career, the band continued to release music, including the EP "Statt opp (Maggeduliadei)" in 2003 and their second album, "Iselilja," in 2004. After a hiatus announced in 2004, they returned with a live album, "Liva," in 2006. Gåte made a comeback in 2017 with the EP "Attersyn" and the album "Svevn" in 2018.

Throughout their career, they toured extensively, performing at numerous music festivals in Norway and internationally, including the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Despite a brief reunion in 2009 and a mini-tour in 2010, they announced their final farewell concert in 2010, held at the Oslo Opera House. However, in 2018, they resumed touring in Norway.

The Song

Song: Ulveham
Writer(s):  Erlend Skjetne, Gunnhild Sundli, Jon Even Schärer & Magnus Børmark
Composer(s):  Gunnhild Sundli, Ronny Janssen & Sveinung Sundli
Broadcaster: NRK

The Norwegian song is refreshingly progressive, blending traditional instruments with electric guitars and Gunnhild's distinctive vocals. Its bold fusion is poised to captivate a diverse audience at Eurovision, drawing in those seeking something different. While traditional ESC enthusiasts may be surprised, this innovative entry promises to make an unforgettable impression.

The English lyrics are relatively short:

I was a very fine and beautiful maiden
With an evil stepmother. My mother had died.

She transformed me into a sword and a needle
And sent me off to the King’s estate.

The wrath of my stepmother grew
When all the fine people loved me most.

She gave me the hide of a grey wolf
And forced me to go into the woods alone.

And I would never be whole and good
Before I had drunk of my brother’s blood.

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