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Biography of iolanda

Iolanda Costa, known simply as Iolanda, is a Portuguese singer and songwriter, born on November 4, 1994. Hailing from Figueira da Foz, she relocated to Pombal during her childhood. Her musical talent surfaced early on, prompting her parents to enrol her in music studies at Tecnimúsica in Pombal, followed by the Conservatory. She later pursued Communication Sciences at ISCSP in Lisbon. Seeking further musical education, she ventured to London, where she studied song writing at the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music, affiliated with the University of Sussex.

Her journey in the spotlight began at the age of 14 when she participated in the inaugural season of the talent show "Uma canção para ti" ("A song for you") on TVI in December 2008. Although she didn't progress to the finals, this marked her introduction to a broader audience. In subsequent years, she continued to pursue her musical aspirations, attempting to break through on platforms such as the fifth season of "Ídolos" on SIC in 2012 and the second season of "The Voice Portugal" on RTP1 in 2014.

Iolanda's breakthrough came in 2022 when she contributed as a co-author and co-composer for the song "Mar no fim," performed by Blacci, in Festival da Canção, Portugal's Eurovision selection event. In 2023, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, she released her debut EP, "Cura," showcasing her song writing prowess and emotional depth.

Her trajectory reached new heights in 2024 when she was chosen to compete in Festival da Canção with her own composition, "Grito." After securing her spot in the final, she emerged victorious, earning the opportunity to represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Beyond her musical endeavours, she joined other participants in a unified plea for peace and the safe return of hostages in Gaza, demonstrating her commitment to social consciousness and humanitarian values.

The Song

Song: Grito
Writer(s): iolanda

Composer(s): iolanda & Luar
Broadcaster: RTP

The Portuguese entry is another emotional balled we are used to hear from Portugal over decades. There are slightly elements of the popular Fado included.

During the Portuguese national final, the stage presentation of "Grito" was remarkably artistic and ambitious. Translating to "Shout" in English, the song delves into a complex and intricate theme of rebirth and new beginnings. Its depth requires a particular mood to fully grasp its essence, potentially posing challenges in captivating the vast Malmö Arena audience.

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