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Biography of MEGARA

Megara is a Spanish rock band originating from Madrid, formed in 2015. The current line-up comprises Kenzy Loevett, Vitti Crocutta, Tio Rober Bueno, and Raphaela Tache. Their upcoming endeavour involves representing San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with their track "11:11".

The band's inception took place in Madrid in 2015, with guitarist Rober and vocalist Kenzy leading the formation. That same year witnessed the release of their debut EP, "Muérase quien pueda." Subsequently, in 2016, their inaugural studio album, "Siete" saw the light of day. Following the release of their second studio album, "Aquí estamos todos locos" in 2018, Megara began ascending in popularity, earning slots at esteemed festivals such as Download Festival and Resurrection Fest in 2019.

In 2023, Megara participated in Benidorm Fest 2023, Spain's preselection event for the Eurovision Song Contest, presenting "Arcadia" . Their journey led them to secure a fourth-place finish in the first semi-final on January 31, 2023, eventually clinching the same spot in the overall final. Additionally, the band announced their role as the supporting act for the Spanish leg of Babymetal's World Tour that year.

Megara entered the Sammarinese preselection event, Una Voce per San Marino 2024, with "11:11." Originally intended for Benidorm Fest 2024, the song faced a different trajectory after not being selected by broadcaster RTVE. Adapting to Sammarinese selection regulations, the addition of Italian verses ensued. Successfully navigating through the competition, they emerged victorious by the decision of a five-member professional jury, thus securing their representation of the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

The band defines their musical style as "fucksia rock," blending electronic, dance, and rock elements. Expressing their aversion to being confined to a single genre, Rober Bueno remarked in an interview, "we didn't see ourselves pigeonholed into any [genres]... [it] encompasses several styles. We like pop or rock and we express our tastes in our songs. And it has a mix of all that." Described as "the perfect mix between the sinister and cotton candy" in another interview, Megara's music promises a captivating fusion of diverse influences.

The Song

Song: 11:11
Writer(s): Roberto La Lueta Ruíz & Sara Jiménez Moral
Composer(s):  Isra Dante Ramos Solomando, Roberto La Lueta Ruíz & Sara Jiménez Moral
Broadcaster: SMRTV

San Marino appears to serve as a fresh start or a new opportunity for numerous composers and singers from various countries who may have faced challenges in their own nations. Even renowned Italian favourites like Jalisse and Loredana Berté found themselves unable to compete with the Spanish band Megara this year. With its distinctive and attention-grabbing nature, Megara's song stands out, appealing to a different target audience. However, the question remains: will this uniqueness be sufficient to sway both the juries and televoters?

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