Eden Golan | Israel 2024 Photo: Ran Yehezkel

Biography of Eden Golan

Eden Golan, born on October 5, 2003, is a talented singer of Russian-Israeli descent. Her musical journey began with notable appearances in the Russian selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and the popular television competition The Voice Kids.

Originally from Kfar Saba, Israel, Eden's family later relocated to Moscow when she was six, where she spent 12 years. Despite starting her music career in Russia, she grappled with mixed emotions due to instances of antisemitism. In 2022, amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Eden and her family returned to Israel, a decision they had contemplated even before the geopolitical turmoil.

In her early years, Eden showcased her vocal prowess in various competitions, including the Junior Eurovision selection and the renowned New Wave competition in Crimea. She further solidified her talent by reaching the finals of The Voice Kids in 2018, representing Pelageya's team.

Upon her return to Israel, Eden continued her musical pursuits, participating in competitions like Ro'im et Hakol. However, her breakthrough came with her triumph in the talent show Rising Star, where she mesmerized audiences with performances of iconic tracks like Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" and Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

Her victory in Rising Star earned her the honour of representing Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Her selected entry, "Hurricane," promises to showcase her exceptional talent on the international stage.

The Song

Song Hurricane
Writer(s):  Avi Ohayon & Keren Peles
Composer(s):  Avi Ohayon, Keren Peles & Stav Beger
Broadcaster: KAN

Despite the political complexities surrounding Israel's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, the song title and lyrics of Eden Golan's entry, "Hurricane," have undergone multiple changes to adhere to the European Broadcasting Union's (EBU) criteria. The EBU emphasizes that the Eurovision Song Contest should remain apolitical, and therefore lyrics must not convey any political messages, regardless of the reality outside the contest's sphere.

Despite concerns expressed by some individuals, including singers, about their countries' participation if Israel were to take part, no country has withdrawn from the contest thus far. Despite these challenges, "Hurricane" stands out as a touching ballad with emotionally resonant lyrics that may subtly connect to the events and sentiments in the country:

Everyday I'm losing my mind
Holding on in this mysterious ride
Dancing in the storm
I got nothing to hide
Take it all and leave the world behind
Baby promise me you’ll hold me again
I’m still broken from this hurricane
This hurricane


With its strength and power, "Hurricane" is poised to make a significant impact in Malmö, capturing hearts with its beautiful melody and moving lyrics, while upholding the spirit of unity and celebration that defines the Eurovision Song Contest.

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