Biography of Luke Black

Luke Black, whose birth name is Luka Ivanović, is a talented Serbian singer-songwriter born on 18 May 1992 in Čačak, FR Yugoslavia. He developed a keen interest in music at a young age and began writing his own lyrics at the age of 12. After graduating from the Grammar School of Čačak, he moved to Belgrade to study English language and literature before relocating to London where he obtained a master's degree in music production.

Luke's stage name is derived from the Anglicisation of his first name, while "Black" was inspired by his expression of forty days of mourning for the "death of the Serbian music scene" when he was a teenager. He rose to fame after representatives of Universal Music Group noticed his performance of "D-Generation" and offered him a recording contract.

Luke made his recording debut in 2014 with his first single "Nebula Lullaby" and his first live performance in May of the same year. He later released his debut EP "Thornes" under Universal Music Group in February 2015, becoming the first Serbian artist to sign under the label. His music career has since blossomed, and he has released two more EPs, "Neoslavic" in 2018 and "F23.8" in 2023.

In January 2023, Luke was selected to represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Samo Mi Se Spava" which means “I am just sleepy” and he went on to win the national selection competition in March of the same year. Luke currently resides in London, where he works as a graphic designer for a record label.

The Song

Song: Samo Mi Se Spava
Writer(s): Luke Black
Composer(s): Luke Black
Broadcaster: RTS

Luke, who is 30 years old, will perform a haunting and melancholic song that touches on the theme of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The song conveys the desire to seek refuge and find a peaceful place to rest amidst the chaos.

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