TuralTuranX from Azerbaijan (ESC Liverpool 2023) Photo: Khalid Zeynalov

Biography of TuralTuranX

TuralTuranX, comprised of identical twins Tural and Turan Bağmanov, is a musical duo hailing from north-western Azerbaijan. Born on October 30, 2000, the brothers first discovered their love for music when they saw a piano at school, leading them to secretly practice songs before their father eventually bought them a synthesizer. They also learned how to play the guitar and started performing at schools and events, but temporarily stopped after their father passed away.

Tural eventually moved to Baku, the capital city, where he founded the band TheRedJungle with a friend, and later performed alongside Turan as street musicians. The duo was recently announced as one of the five finalists for Azerbaijan's internal selection for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. After being selected on March 9th, they will represent their country with the song "Tell Me More" in the first semi-final on May 9th.

The Song

Song: Tell Me More
Writer(s): Tural Baghmanov & Turan Baghmanov
Composer(s): Nihad Aliyev, Tunar Taghiyev, Tural Baghmanov & Turan Baghmanov
Broadcaster: ITV

The track titled "Tell Me More" takes on a unique international flair and strays away from the conventional music style associated with Azerbaijan. In fact, it could easily be mistaken for a new Britpop hit from Liverpool. This remarkable diversity is what makes the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) so intriguing, as it becomes difficult to identify the origin of a song. With English being the prevalent language, the music has taken on a more global feel. The gifted 22-year-old brothers behind this song have demonstrated their exceptional talent by composing it entirely on their own. Drawing inspiration from the musical era of the 60s and 70s, they have created a masterpiece that transcends borders.

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