Biography of Lord Of The Lost

“Blood & Glitter”, the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 entry for Germany, will be performed by Lord of the Lost, an industrial metal band from Hamburg fronted by Chris Harms. The band was originally founded as a solo project by Chris Harms in mid-2007, but he soon realized he needed a full band to perform live and recruited other musicians from the Hamburg music scene. The band's debut album “Fears” was released in 2010 with the independent label Out of Line, and they have since toured extensively and performed at international festivals such as Wave-Gothic-Meeting, Wacken Open Air, and M'era Luna Festival. Lord of the Lost draws inspiration from a range of genres, including heavy metal, glam rock, industrial music, and classical music, and cites bands and musicians such as Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Lady Gaga as influences.

The current members of Lord of the Lost are Chris "The Lord" Harms on vocals, guitar, and cello (since 2007), Class Grenayde (Klaas Helmecke) on bass (since 2008), Gared Dirge (Gerrit Heinemann) on piano, synthesizer, percussion, guitar, and theremin (since 2010), π (Pi Stoffers) on guitar (since 2016), and Niklas Kahl on drums (since 2017).

While the debut album Fears did not always receive high praise for its innovation, it generally received positive reviews from the music press. Sonic Seducer commended the "pleasant deep promising vocals" and "dark, melodramatic moments," describing the album as a "dark mélange of music styles which give the album a fresh and great variety." Zillo acknowledged that the album was not ground-breaking but praised its "hard and unconditional songs." Orkus, on the other hand, found the album to be "interesting and rich in variety," while deemed it "absolutely okay" but recommended that listeners sample some songs before committing to the album, as it may be "too hard for some and too soft for others."

The Song

Song: Blood & Glitter
Writer(s): Anthony J. Brown, Chris Harms, Pi Stoffers & Rupert Keplinger
Composer(s): Chris Harms & Rupert Keplinger
Broadcaster: NDR

Rock bands in Eurovision are not new, we had Lordi, Teräsbetoni and Måneskin, but there was never one from Germany. It’s probably the wildest band since Dschingis Khan in 1979, Germany ever send to Eurovision. Lord of the Lost is known for their unique and wild style, which is perfectly showcased in their entry. The melody is strong and captivating, and could easily become a crowd favourite. In a year where there are many unconventional performers, it may be a challenge to stand out, but Lord of the Lost definitely brings something fresh and bold to the competition.

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