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It will be Vienna 2015 !

The final decision where the 60th Eurovision Song Contest will take place has been brought in the Austrian news this afternoon. Vienna has been chosen to host next year’s ESC by the host broadcaster ORF with the approval of the EBU. Innsbruck was also highly favoured but at the end Vienna made the race, also Graz failed.

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ESC cost explosion in Copenhagen!

These days there are heavy discussions going in the Danish media in regards of the costs of the 59th Eurovision Song Contest, held in Copenhagen this year. The originally estimated costs of around 5 million Euro have tripled to almost 15 million! The main cost factor occurred in the transformation of an old shipyard (B&W Hallerne) into a modern concert hall. Allegations are going around who to blame for this disaster?

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What will be the host city 2015 ?

After the fulminant victory of Austria in the 59th Eurovision Song Contest the Eurovision trophy has come back to Austria after 48 years! Thanks to the striking performance of Conchita Wurst with “Rise Like A Phoenix” the big dream of the Austrians came true and the next ESC will be held in Austria in 2015.
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Chart success for ESC singers

Since a couple of years a success in the Eurovision Song Contest also means a ranking in the single charts around Europe and even beyond. The most outstanding success had Loreen with “Euphoria” in 2012. She topped all European charts for weeks and her song is still played in the radio stations.
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Bad critics against Conchita Wurst from Russia

Right after the fabulous victory of Conchita Wurst in the Eurovision Song Contest, the bad critics came up, especially from Russia. The agitation is mainly coming from the Russian government which has already confessed to withdraw from the ESC and organizing an own “Voice of Eurasia” contest. “Russia does not need the Eurovision” they said. But does the Eurovision needs Russia? Furthermore it was said “Europe does not like Russian music and girls, they prefer man in woman’s dress with a beard”. Russia came 7th so there is nothing to complain about and it showed that the Europeans liked the song, but it was not the favourite. What do the Russians expect in a political situation like nowadays?

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Conclusion of this year’s ESC

The outcome of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is very positive. With the victory of the Austrian drag queen the Europeans have become adult and reached the 21st century. The message of love, peace and tolerance has overtrumped the conservative rancorous attitude in most of the European countries. It’s a very positive sign that no matter where the people are want to show their sympathy and tolerance towards others who are different.

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