Published On: März 29th, 2024

SVT, the Swedish broadcaster, in collaboration with the EBU’s reference group, has finalized the running order for both semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. In previous years, this crucial aspect of the ESC was determined by draw to ensure fairness. However, nowadays, the host broadcaster has the authority to allocate the starting positions to countries. This shift aims to ensure a balanced mix of ballads and up-tempo songs, while also allowing the production team ample time to set up the stage with props. Although it may appear somewhat unfair, the schedule is finalized weeks in advance, allowing country delegations to plan their arrival accordingly.

For the first time, the “Big 5” countries will not only participate in the semi-finals but will also present their full songs within the regular running orders for the first time. In Semi-Final 1, there will be 15 regular entries plus 2 songs from the Big 5 countries, along with the host country Sweden. In Semi-Final 2, there will be 16 regular entries plus 3 songs from the Big 5. This decision aims to elevate the visibility of songs from the Big 5 and the host country. It remains to be seen if this change will lead to improved results after May 11th.

Semi Final 1:

1. Cyprus

2. Serbia

3. Lithuania

4. Ireland

United Kingdom

5. Ukraine

6. Poland

7. Croatia

8. Iceland


9. Slovenia

10. Finland

11. Moldova


12. Azerbaijan

13. Australia

14. Portugal

15. Luxembourg


Semi Final 2

1. Malta

2. Albania

3. Greece

4. Switzerland

5. Czechia


6. Austria

7. Denmark

8. Armenia

9. Latvia


10. San Marino

11. Georgia

12. Belgium

13. Estonia


14. Israel

15. Norway

16. Netherlands


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