Published On: März 24th, 2023

The EBU and the host broadcaster BBC have announced the official running orders for Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2. While the running order has traditionally been drawn in the past, the rule changes now allow for the order to be determined based on the level of excitement each performance will bring. This is done to prevent back-to-back ballads and to provide an exciting blend of musical genres that maintains the excitement from start to finish.

The allocation draw has already taken place, determining which countries will perform in each semi-final, as well as their designated performance slots. This meticulous organization allows every national delegation to know exactly when they need to arrive in Liverpool to prepare for their electrifying performances.

The starting position of each country is also a crucial factor to consider. The number 2 slot has been deemed unfavourable, while the first and last positions are considered advantageous and can provide essential support for the performances to come.

Semi Final 1:

  1. Norway
  2. Malta
  3. Serbia
  4. Latvia
  5. Portugal
  6. Ireland
  7. Croatia
  8. Switzerland
  9. Israel
  10. Moldova
  11. Sweden
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Czech Republic
  14. Netherlands
  15. Finland

These countries can also vote: France, Germany and Italy


Semi Final 2:

  1. Denmark
  2. Armenia
  3. Romania
  4. Estonia
  5. Belgium
  6. Cyprus
  7. Iceland
  8. Greece
  9. Poland
  10. Slovenia
  11. Georgia
  12. San Marino
  13. Austria
  14. Albania
  15. Lithuania
  16. Australia


These countries can also vote in this semi-final: Spain, Ukraine and United Kingdom


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