Published On: Mai 14th, 2023

As anticipated, Loreen emerged as a potential victor for Sweden in Liverpool. Her exceptional performance captivated both the juries and the television audience. The inclusion of the unique “toaster” in her stage show was truly remarkable, a sight unseen on an international platform until then. The pressing question on everyone’s mind was whether Loreen could achieve a second victory after her phenomenal success with “Euphoria” in 2012. And she did not disappoint. Occasionally, such premonitions may not translate into triumph, but in this instance, they aligned perfectly.

Despite being regarded as the frontrunner in the Swedish Melodifestivalen from the outset, the voting process has been filled with suspense. As we have witnessed in previous years, everything can change in an instant. The preferences of the juries tend to diverge from those of the general public. However, in a surprising turn of events this year, the tastes aligned, leaving even the other strong contender, Finland, unable to garner sufficient jury votes. This made it challenging for Käärljä to surpass Loreen at that juncture.

In the end, a mere 57 points separated the winner from the runner-up. Looking ahead, it is highly likely that the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden next year.

Israel’s achievement of securing the 3rd place and Italy’s commendable 4th place finish highlight their remarkable success. Marco Mengoni notably demonstrated significant improvement, rising from the 7th place in a previous edition to now claim the 4th place. The host country, Ukraine, earned a respectable 6th place, while the host entry from the United Kingdom unfortunately landed second to last, at the 25th position.

Adding to the surprises of the competition, Belgium managed to secure a spot in the Top 10, along with Estonia and Czechia. Their notable performances propelled them into the ranks of the highest-scoring entries, exceeding expectations and making their presence felt on the Eurovision stage.

These are the final rankings and points:

  1. Sweden 583 points
  2. Finland 526 points
  3. Israel 362 points
  4. Italy 350 points
  5. Norway 268 points
  6. Ukraine 243 points
  7. Belgium 182 points
  8. Estonia 168 points
  9. Australia 151 points
  10. Czechia 129 points
  11. Lithuania 127 points
  12. Cyprus 126 points
  13. Croatia 123 points
  14. Armenia 122 points
  15. Austria 120 points
  16. France 104 points
  17. Spain 100 points
  18. Moldova 96 points
  19. Poland 93 points
  20. Switzerland 92 points
  21. Slovenia 78 points
  22. 22.Albania 76 points
  23. Portugal 59 points
  24. 24.Serbia 30 points
  25. United Kingdom 24 points
  26. Germany 18 points



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