Published On: Mai 12th, 2022

It’s time to take a closer look at the entries from tonight’s semi-final 2


Like Tuesday with the first semi-final, we are going to check the entries from tonight’s semi-final 2. We don’t take it that seriously, so please forgive us, if our estimation does not meet your taste.


01 Finland – Rock from yesterday

The Finnish group The Rasmus has been very successful, but it’s long time ago. Bad tongues say that they only take part in the ESC to save themselves from eclipse and to give their career a second chance. It’s a Finnish rock song, which we have heard several times before. Nothing to jump from your sofa.

02 Israel – Drama, drama, drama

The handsome singer Michael Ben David is wearing an extravagant outfit, and his background singers do the same. The attitude and choreography is very gay and breaks old conventions. It’s great so see such an enthusiasm, but will this reach to get into the final?

03 Serbia – Let’s wash our hands

This is a very special entry. The charismatic singer Konstrakta is washing her hand in a washing bowl. Unfortunately, the song will be sung in the native Serbian language, so it’s even harder to understand the meaning of the song. It’s criticism of the Serbian healthcare system. The hand choreography has become a hit already.

04 Azerbaijan – don’t get pulled down

The Azerbaijani singer Nadir Rustamli has a very special look, charismatic though. His intense song will have its fans. But this is nothing new at Eurovision. Also the steps on stage does not bring any further experience. Despite all this the song is called “Fade to black”. Maybe this is nothing, people would like to hear, when it’s spring time.

05 Georgia – crazy 2:37 minutes

This is something really refreshing after all the difficult entries before. A catchy chorus with a hook will stay in your head, as well as the crazy outfits of Circus Mircus. The guys from the band don’t want to show their real faces, like the Norwegian. It would be interesting to see, which entries will do better in the final.

06 Malta – we all like each other

How can we make the world make a better place? Maybe the Maltese singer Emma has the answer? “I Am What I Am” is the anthem like Maltese entry. Normally Emma sings R&B, this song is an exception. The big question is, will the Europeans dishearten this?

07 San Marino – the strip number with bull riding

Since last year the San Marinese entries try to bring everything crazy on stage, what’s available. The anyway peculiar singer Achille Lauro is wearing a Gucci outfit, a cowboy hat and is furthermore doing this bull riding number. It’s a bit over the top and will probably interpreted as provocation.

08 Australia – the huge Las Vegas show

This year is peppered with self-filled singers. One of them is the Aussie Sheldon Riley. He had a tough youth and is not standing on the ESC stage like a white swan. With his great voice he will probably seduce the juries. Sheldon is lifting his rhinestone mask at the end of the song, very touching.

09 Cyprus – the potential summer hit in the Mediterranean

The singer Andromache has brought her own stage setting to Turin. It’s rhythmic, melodic and dreamy. The perfect conditions to become a real nice summer song. It also shows the easiness and the beautiful life in an ideal world.

10 Ireland – teeny attack 2.0.

This song will wake you up from the sweet dreams from the Cypriot entry. Brooke is going to present a current pop song with a striking chorus “That’s rich”, which should not be interpreted in a wrong way. She squares up with the ex.

11 North Macedonia – a charismatic singer from Skopje

After all the different music styles it’s good to hear something smoother. “Circles” is a typical singer-songwriter entry, easy listing, but also easy to forget, unfortunately. Listening to this a couple of times and the song will grow.

12 Estonia – the Wild West is coming

The very sympathetic and handsome singer Stefan has a great aura. He could sing anything to convince, but with his western styled song “Hope” he could set new standards. Luckily, the teams has decided not take real cowboys on stage, that would have looked dubiously.

13 Romania – Spicy, Sexy, Romanian

This is another rousing entry, which enforces the audience to dance. There is an interesting hook, which will remain in people’s mind. The choreography is entertaining and due to the positive attitude it will stand out tonight.

14 Poland – the dark horse is named Ochman

When they are all talking about the mighty winners Ukraine, Italy or UK, there is one singer, who can be named as dark horse this year. Ochman has a great voice, a stunning song and a great stage show. Poland has never won the ESC, but this year the goal is very realistic.

15 Montenegro – the only Corona song this year

For the majority the Corona pandemic is almost over and we could have expected more songs with this subject. Vladana’s mother has died because of Corona and she is exactly singing about this tragedy. Her strong voice combined with a good composition and a great climax will accentuate her performance.

16 Belgium – the Michael Jackson show

Jerémie, who is also a football player is going to succeed in singing. The songs strongly reminds of the songs from Michael Jackson, the arrangement, the dance elements and the atmosphere of the song. Jerémie also confesses that he is a big fan of Michael Jackson.

17 Sweden – no ABBA this year, but pure authentic music

In the past year’s the Swedish entries have been styled to 200% perfection, from the drawing board to the charts. This time it’s a lot more authentic. The singer Cornelia Jakobs, who has made good experiences in a girl group in the Swedish Melodifestivalen can now show her solo talent. She is a very natural person, barefoot on stage and a rough voice. Furthermore the song is really good, radio-friendly, in Italian this song would be a huge hit in Italy.

18 Czech Republic – the international electro band

It’s good to have many music genres in the ESC, furthermore the singers for a country don’t have to be citizen. More and more it’s getting mixed up. The two men Benjamin and Casper are actually Norwegians, Dominika is the only Czech in this group. The only difficulty with this entry is to bring the atmosphere of an electro song into the big arena.



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