Published On: Mai 15th, 2022

For the thrid time in ESC history Ukraine could win the ESC. The band Kalush Orchestra received the highest votes from public voting



It has been in the discussion for months, that Ukraine is going to be mighty winner. And this prevision has become reality now. Thanks to the public votes, the guys from Kalush Orchestra could receive the highest number of points. The juries placed Ukraine in the Top 10. But it’s a great sign from the Europeans to show solidarity with the people from Ukraine and for a great group with a cool song.

Congratulations to Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine!

Without the current situation, the big question comes up, if Ukraine would have won as well? Of course with this show format there are connected a lot of emotions. Some countries only received very few points from the public like Australia, others very few points from the juries like Germany. It’s great to see that some of the countries, which did not shape up well in the past came so high like the UK and Spain. France, who came 2nd last year ended up on 24th place this year.

This is the final result of the Grand Final:

01. Ukraine 631 points
02. United Kingdom 466 points
03. Spain 459 points
04. Sweden 438 points
05. Serbia 313 points
06. Italy 268 points
07. Moldova 253 points
08. Greece 215 points
09. Portugal 207 points
10. Norway 182 points
11. The Netherlands 171 points
12. Poland 151 points
13. Estonia 141 points
14. Lithuania 128 points
15. Australia 125 points
16. Azerbaijan 106 points
17. Switzerland 78 points
18. Romania 65 points
19. Belgium 64 points
20. Armenia 61 points
21. Finland 38 points
22. Czech Republic 38 points
23. Iceland 20 points
24. France 17 points
25. Germany 6 points


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