Johnny Logan ǀ Ireland 1980 and 1987 - Photo: Sarah Louise Bennet EBU
Published On: Mai 8th, 2024

It has been as show of many emotions: the first night of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in the Semi-Final 1. An exciting night for everybody involved with the Eurovision Song Contest. Now we know the first ten qualifiers for the Grand Final of the ESC 2024:


  • Cyprus
  • Serbia
  • Lithuania
  • Ireland
  • Ukraine
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Finland
  • Portugal
  • Luxembourg


Only ten of the fifteen participating countries were able to receive a ticket for the Grand Final on Saturday night. Of course, there were surprises that some countries like Australia, Iceland or Azerbaijan did not make it into the final. Maybe it’s also due to the only televoting, without any jury votes. The entries which convinced the international audience were Ireland and Croatia and also the old contestant Luxembourg, but the innovative entries from Australia, Poland and Iceland did not get enough votes.

So, out this year are: Poland, Iceland, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Australia

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