Published On: Februar 11th, 2023

The national final is called DORA and will take place in the Cvetkovic Sports Hall in Opatja. There will be 18 candidates fighting for the ticket to Liverpool. The Croatian broadcaster HRT has tried to motivate as many composers as possible to find a great artist with a great song. As Croatia did not pass the semi-finals since 2017 anymore, it’s even more important. Altogether there were 196 song submission received, from an expert jury chose the finalists, all the singers must be from Croatian nationality. The hosts of the show are: Duško Ćurlić, Mario Lipovšek Battifiaca and Marko Tolja, There is even Damir Kedžo again, he was intended to represent Croatia in 2020, but the ESC has been cancelled due to the pandemic.


Over all, it’s a great choice of good songs this year. Congratulations!


  1. Top of the Pops ft. Mario 5reković – “Putovanje”
  2. Yogi – “Love at first sight” 
  3. Boris Štok – “Grijeh” 
  4. Tajana Belina – “Dom” 
  5. Krešo i Kisele Kiše – “Kme Kme” 
  6. Maja Grgić – “I still live” 
  7. Barbara Munjas – “Putem Snova” 
  8. ĐANA – “Free Fallin’” 
  9. Patricia Gasparini – “I will wait”
  10. The Splitters – “Lost and Found” 
  11. Hana Mašić – “Nesreća” 
  12. Damir Kedžo – “Angels and Demons” 
  13. Martha May – “Distance” 
  14. Detour – “Master Blaster” 
  15. Meri Andraković – “Bye Bye Blonde” 
  16. Let 3 – “Mama ŠČ!” 
  17. Eni Jurišić – “Krnei Dalje” 
  18. Harmonija Disonance – “Nevera (Lei, Lei)” 


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