REDDI from Denmark - Rehearsal — Photo EBU / NATHAN REINDS
Published On: Februar 11th, 2023

This year the traditional “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” will be broadcasted live from the Arena Næstved in Næstved, a small city in the south of Zealand for the first time. There will be only eight contestants like in previous years. All these entries have been chosen by a professional jury. The results of the national final will be 100% by televoting. The singer Reiley has been criticised that he has performed his song “Breaking my heart” already in Seoul in October 2022, according the regularities of DR, the Danish broadcaster this is not breach of the rules and Reiley is allowed to take part in this year’s competition.

This is the running order:


  1. Frederick Leopold – “Stuck on You” 
  2. Eyjaa – “I Was Gonna Marry Him” 
  3. Micky Skeel – “Glansbillede” 
  4. Maia Maia – “Beautiful Bullshit” 
  5. Nicklas Sonne – “Freedom” 
  6. Mariyah Leberg – “Human” 
  7. Søren Torpgaard Lund – “Lige Her” 
  8. Reiley – “Breaking my Heart” 

You can watch the Danish national final on Saturday, 11 February, 20:00 CET, here:


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