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Published On: Februar 10th, 2024

The stroke of luck for Latvia in the ESC seems to struggle, the last qualification for a Grand Final was in 2016. Let’s see if there will be an entry, which can change the situation this year. The national final is called “Supernova” and had a semi-final with 15 entries already. Tonight, ten finalists will compete for the trip to Sweden in May. The show will take place in the LTV studio 6 in Riga and will be hosted by Ketija Šēnberga and Lauris Reiniks (a member of the band F.L.Y. in 2003). And there will be jury and televoting to determine the winner.

These are the ten finalists:

  1. Vēstulēs -“Kur?” 
  2. Avéi – “Mine”
  3. Papīra Lidmašīnas – “Mind Breaker”
  4. Katrīna Gupalo – “The Cat’s Song” 
  5. Ecto – “Outsider” 
  6. Dons – “Hollow”
  7. Saint Levića – “Tick-Tock” 
  8. Edvards Strazdiņš – “Rock n’ Roll Supernova”
  9. Funkinbiz – “Na chystu vodu” 
  10. Alekss Silvers – “For the Show”

The show can be watched: 10 February 20:10 CET


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