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Published On: Mai 7th, 2024

Tonight, the spotlight shifts to Malmö, Sweden, where the first semi-final will take centre stage at 21:00 CET, broadcast live from the Malmö Arena. With 15 countries vying for points solely from televoters, a new rule eliminates jury voting in the semi-finals. Moreover, interspersed within the running order, three finalists will showcase their songs in full length. This adjustment aims to enhance the show’s duration and elevate the visibility of the “Big 5” countries along with the host nation, ensuring they’re heard before the Grand Final on Saturday.

Tonight’s show promises an array of excitement and entertainment. Alongside the magnificent and technologically advanced stage, viewers can expect the charismatic duo of Petra Mede and Malin Åkerman to expertly navigate them through the spectacle. The evening kicks off with performances by former Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) participants, including Eleni Foureira (Cyprus 2018), Eric Saade (Sweden 2011), and Chanel (Spain 2022), setting the stage for an electrifying start.

The postcards, unlike previous years, will adopt a simpler approach, incorporating a live mobile video effect to showcase the singers. As for the interval acts, the audience will be treated to the legendary Johnny Logan performing Loreen’s iconic 2012 winning entry “Euphoria,” along with a medley of new songs from the Swedish sensation Benjamin Ingrosso, often dubbed as the “Robby Williams” of Sweden. However, notably absent from his repertoire will be his ESC entry “Dance You Off,” leaving fans eagerly anticipating his latest musical offerings.

Behind the grand LED screen lies the greenroom, strategically placed to open later in the show. While it may seem like a novel concept, this setup actually made its debut back in Riga in 2003.

Overall, apart from the impressive new stage, there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of innovation or freshness. It’s almost as if the Swedes didn’t invest as much love and enthusiasm into the production as they have in previous years, perhaps due to the recent frequency of hosting the ESC in their country. While snippets from former ESC entries add a nice touch, they’re not exactly ground-breaking. Here’s to hoping that the Grand Final will bring a few more surprises to the table.

Which countries can make it into the Grand Final this year? Will Croatia convince enough televoters? And will the viewers notice that Luxembourg is back in the contest? Only ten countries will receive the ticket for the Grand Final on Saturday.

You can watch the live show in all countries, who participate in this year’s ESC and without commentary on the official YouTube channel.


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