Joost Kleins ǀ Netherlands 2024 - Photo: Sarah Louise Bennet
Published On: Mai 11th, 2024

The potential for a harmonious experience was palpable, but the current vibe in Malmö crackles with tension. Heightened security measures, prompted by the political climate in Israel, have cast a shadow over the city, marked by numerous demonstrations and an increased security presence. Adding to the mix, international support, including police from Norway and Denmark, bolsters local law enforcement efforts.

Yet, even amid these challenges, the treatment of Israeli singer Eden Golan by some fellow artists has been less than welcoming. Tensions came to a head during the post-semi-final 2 press conference, where actions spoke volumes: Greek singer Martina Satti visibly yawning while Eden Golan received congratulations for her qualification. Meanwhile, Austrian singer Kaleen’s applause in support of Israel’s qualification was met with disregard from other performers.

The actions of Dutch singer Joost Kleins, who covered his head with his national flag while the Israeli singer was in focus, could be interpreted as demeaning.

In all these years, such issues have rarely been observed. Typically, there exists a strong bond among countries and artists, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Additionally, Joost Kleins was barred from rehearsing for the Grand Final on Friday without any official statement provided. Organizers cited ongoing investigations, likely stemming from an incident involving a Swedish team member, allegedly caused by Kleins. However, precise details have not been disclosed. Later this afternoon, SVT announced the disqualification of the Dutch entry, “Europapa” by Joost Kleins. Such a drastic measure suggests a significant incident occurred, prompting the disqualification. It’s evident that the Dutch broadcaster was displeased with the strictness of the procedure.

In the end, there will be 25 songs in this year’s final. The uncertainty lies in whether the Netherlands will be permitted to vote. Here’s to hoping for a seamless sequence without any more disruptions.

It appears that this year’s motto, “United by music,” may be somewhat inappropriate given the recent events and tensions surrounding the competition.

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